Richard Aspinall - Registered Master Maine Guide

Rich is a Registered Master Maine Recreation Guide and has been trip leading and guiding in Maine for over 30 years.  Born in Anchorage, Alaska, he grew up and has spent most of his life in the great state of Maine.  He has earned degrees in both Management & Accounting from the University of Maine, and is now working to complete his Masters degree in Education.  Rich is a proud member of the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, is fully certified in CPR & First Aid, and makes safety the number one priority on all of his trips.


From September to June, Rich is a Middle School Science, Social Studies & Outdoor Learning Teacher and has a great passion for working with and teaching children.  Before getting into education, he spent over 14 years at L.L. Bean and has had the opportunity to use and test many outdoor products over the years, as well as hike and paddle all of the trails and waterways that he guides on.  On his canoe trips he is a stickler for details, and always ensures a safe, exciting and fun adventure.


Rich lives in a small log home in the woods in Mount Vernon, Maine and he uses his home, and camp in Northern Maine, as base camps for operations.  With a family that includes two adult daughters who have spent a great deal of time in Maine outdoors, they can usually be found hiking, backpacking or canoeing on a "Maine Trail". 

Rich offers exciting outdoor experiences on several of Maine's historic waterways & hiking trails.  His canoe trips on the Allagash Waterway and West Branch of the Penobscot Rivers range from 3 - 8 nights, and his personal knowledge of the rivers and their history, make for a fun and interesting adventure.  More importantly, Rich stands behind his commitment to his clients in offering his skills & knowledge to coordinate your adventure and to provide a safe, legal and quality trip for you and your group!   

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