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- On Trips to the Maine Woods -

- "One of the most beautiful areas I have been to.  Very peaceful."  ---  Kathy W. - Sunrise, Florida


- "Very challenging and beautiful".  ---  Donna M. - Portland, Maine


- "Maine is a very beautiful place.  Thanks to you for helping me with some very personal expectations met as to my own abilities.  ---  Greg S. - Staten Island, New York


- "New and good scenery and interesting terrain.  Good vistas". --- Fred T. - Upper Marlboro, Maryland


- "Beautiful scenery.  We had enough time to relax and enjoy it". --- Monica F. - Columbia, Maryland


- "Beautiful scenery & solitude". --- Arlin R. - Boston, Massachusetts


- "Much more than appealing, it was extraordinary"! --- Jason M., Hastings-on-Hudson, New York


- "Extremely appealing.  It was quiet, very remote and certainly fulfilled my adventure and spiritual needs"! --- Adam M. - San Antonio, Texas


- "Allagash Lake was absolutely perfect for our vacation". --- Patti P. - Shickshinney, PA


- "The Chimney Pond & Katahdin trip was everything we'd hoped for". --- Cal & Jan Y. - Nobleboro, ME


- "The five days in the woods were as enjoyable as any I have had in my life.  This trips will be relived over and over again through stories with   family and friends, especially Brad, Jud & Roy.  Thanks for everything!" --- Ted S. - Newington, CT

- "The Allagash River was more appealing than we had anticipated, especially the remoteness"! --- Marcel D. - Washington, D.C.

- Your Guide & Guided Trip -

- "Very knowledgeable with a special concern for safety.  Able to assess skill levels and make accommodations for those slower and stronger clients.  Positive motivator".  ---  Kathy W. - Sunrise, Florida


- "Great job Rich!  Great trip!"  ---  Patrick M. - Spencer, Mass.


- "Very knowledgeable & professional".  ---  Ron B. - Houma, Louisiana


- "Efficient and personable"  ---  Donna M. - Portland, Maine

"Professional & knowledgeable in every way!  Thanks for a rewarding & fun filled trip to Baxter".  ---  Patricia S. - Hampton Bays, New York


- "Well run, well organized and expertly planned"! --- Fred T. - Upper Marlboro, Maryland


- "Very professional & knowledgeable - will definitely recommend Richard to friends". --- Monica F. Columbia, Maryland


- "I was extremely impressed with your navigation & professionalism - particularly in the pre-trip phase - quick replies to e-mails, sending out info promptly". --- Kasey R. - Boston, Massachusetts


- "Really enjoyed the solitude and the relaxed schedule". --- Josh E. - Burlingame, California

"This destination (Grand Lake Matagamon) was beautiful, peaceful and serene.  I enjoyed the wildlife (loons, moose, bald eagle) and the few people surrounding us". --- Julie E. - Burlingame, California


- "Rich, I think you did a great job!  You made Scott & me feel very comfortable.  The food exceeded expectations - the stir fry was great and I loved the bake packer"! ---  Bob B. -South Burlington, Vermont


- "Professional, yes and attentive to our needs, both stated and implied.  Thanks"! --- Carol C. -

Pleasant Valley, New York


- "Professional guide.  Absolutely - everything went smoothly and (easily) which belies the planning and care you put into the trip". --- Art B. - Brunswick, Maine


- "High marks in both categories (professional & knowledgeable).  You get an A in my book.  You made our experience a very relaxed and pleasurable one". --- Larry A. - Acton, Massachusetts


- "Very knowledgeable of both the waterways and the history of the area.  Rich, you were a fantastic host!  Your nature, attitude and enthusiasm made this trip wonderful". --- Adam M -, San Antonio, Texas  


- "Very knowledgeable about waterway history & current events". --- Larry E. -  Windsor, VA


- "Very informative.  Knew the river and equipment well". --- Neil G. - Falmouth, ME  


- "The trip was wonderful for both of us - we enjoyed your company very much". --- Patti P. - Shickshinney, PA


- "The trip was a complete pleasure!  We will go hiking with you anytime". --- Cal & Jan Y. - Nobleboro, ME


- "Thanks for a great adventure - we appreciate all the equipment, work and planning it took to lead this trip.  It's something that we will both remember - and laugh at all the memories!!" --- Todd &

Penny - Saco, ME

- "The trip our view, spectacular"! - Marcel D. & Jim G. - Washington, D.C.

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